Father Robert Elias, OCD: Fatherhood

Photo credit: Lorelei Low (Mount Saint Joseph Monastery, San Jose, CA)

This homily or conference was given by Father Robert Elias, OCD at the Carmelite House of Studies in Mount Angel, Oregon as part of a private retreat to friarsin formation during the season of Epiphany 2020.

In this homily, Father Robert Elias reminds us that the bounty of God’s divinity is linked to our frail humanity through the bridge of His merciful love. It is there in our woundedness that we are able to encounter the Father’s Love and experience our epiphany and our path to healing.

Father Robert Elias, OCD
Friars Retreat, Carmelite House of Studies Mount Angel, Oregon. Epiphany 2020

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  1. 💒🔔🌟😌 Praise be Jesus Christ of Nazareth 👑 King of endless Glory ⚜️ such good news of great joy 🙏🏼 True treasures from God’s Heavenly throne 😊 thank you Fr. Robert for Posting 😊👍🏼

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