Father Robert Elias, OCD: behold the Beauty of Christ

This homily or conference was given by Father Robert Elias, OCD at the Carmelite House of Studies in Mount Angel, Oregon as part of a private retreat to friars in formation during the season of Epiphany 2020.

In this homily, Father Robert asks, “How has God inspired a fire in your life? What are the lights that have spoken to your understanding and kindled a fire? These are the stars that have lead to our deeper understanding of who God is.”

Father Robert Elias, OCD
Friars Retreat, Carmelite House of Studies Mount Angel, Oregon. Epiphany 2020

1 thought on “Father Robert Elias, OCD: behold the Beauty of Christ”

  1. ÁGAPE 💞 Thee Word of Eternal Life sparks a Fire in my life, in my soul!!! Sublime existente 🌅
    Transcendant 📖 Alleluia! Alleluia!! Gloria!Gloria!!Gloria!!!
    😌 SHALOM! 🙏

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