Father Robert Elias, OCD: behold the Beauty of Christ

This homily or conference was given by Father Robert Elias, OCD at the Carmelite House of Studies in Mount Angel, Oregon as part of a private retreat to friars in formation during the season of Epiphany 2020.

In this homily, Father Robert asks, “How has God inspired a fire in your life? What are the lights that have spoken to your understanding and kindled a fire? These are the stars that have lead to our deeper understanding of who God is.”

Father Robert Elias, OCD
Friars Retreat, Carmelite House of Studies Mount Angel, Oregon. Epiphany 2020

One thought on “Father Robert Elias, OCD: behold the Beauty of Christ”

  1. ÁGAPE 💞 Thee Word of Eternal Life sparks a Fire in my life, in my soul!!! Sublime existente 🌅
    Transcendant 📖 Alleluia! Alleluia!! Gloria!Gloria!!Gloria!!!
    😌 SHALOM! 🙏

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