Happy New Year 2018!!

Photo credit: Lorelei Low, OCDS, San Francisco

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NOTE: There will be no new posts until the beginning of February 2018 for we will need that time to line up more lay and secular essays, and to transcribe and edit audio conferences from our Carmelite Fathers.

If you have enjoyed and grown from The Speakroom in the last year, we encourage you to use the ‘donate‘ tab above to contribute to our efforts.

The Speakroom has been a completely volunteer effort and has relied on the generosity of individual volunteers. However, to keep the site sustainable and to grow  our capabilities, we anticipate the need to stipend some of the transcription, editing, and technical tasks.

Your tax-deductible contribution to Prophet Elijah Media, The Speakroom’s parent organization, will support production costs including transcription, web hosting, and other media editing tools and resources.

We hope that 2018 brings you many blessings, and that you will continue to experience spiritual growth and healing through The Speakroom

Teresa Linda, Editor and Santa Clara, California  OCDS Formation Director

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