Father Robert Barcelos, OCD: Christmas 2017 Homily

Baby Jesus, Museum of Saint John of the Cross, Granada, 16th Century. This is the statue that St. John of the Cross danced and celebrated Christmas with in Granada. Photo Credit: Prophet Elijah Media/The Speakroom

“God is often manifest where we need Him most…”

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Christmas Homily 2017, Father Robert Barcelos, OCD

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One thought on “Father Robert Barcelos, OCD: Christmas 2017 Homily”

  1. Merry Christmas to all my brother and sister carmelites who visit the speakroom.
    May our Good and Almighty God bless thee this Christmas season with heavenly treasures ,
    the Rejoicing of His Presence,
    the Warmth of His Love,
    the Grace of His Mercy,
    the Promise of Peace,
    enriching all your days in the year 2018.
    These are my deepest prayer intention for you, your family and all.
    Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year

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