Father Robert Elias, OCD: October 15, St. Teresa’s Feastday

The Unitive Way

In this conference, Father Robert Elias talks about the value of wisdom, the treasure of heaven. The more our soul is filled with earthly and passing things, the less we can taste life’s substance. We often choose the gift rather than the Giver, creation rather than the Creator. Saint Teresa helps people to have a proper understanding of where our hearts should be and the beauty of holiness, a life made fully alive and transfigured in God.

In the Fifth Mansion, the soul experiences true Mysticism, which gives birth to Mission. The lesser self must be crucified and the person must die to themselves, which brings about peace. In these mystical stages, the profound work of the Holy Spirit reproduces in us the life of the Trinity. The soul enters a deeper intimacy with God and enters a spousal relationship with Him. Father Robert Elias also discusses the Sixth and Seventh Mansions where the prayer is so full of God’s love and the spirit of the resurrection of Jesus, that words cannot express the experience.

THE CAVE by Teresa Linda
Teach me your ways, oh Dust of the Earth
Born before the beginning of time.
In your cavernal womb, envelope me in your loving secrecy
Breathe into me the cool breath of life
From the walls that have carried the waters of springs eternal.
That I may never forget,
That in the beginning, I was dust
Formed into beauty by Your Word
Hidden beneath your mantle of grace.

That I may learn the ways of the Lord from You.
That I may learn to turn my gaze away from myself and fix them on my God.
That I may learn from my beloved saints and heed their instructions.
That I may walk this path of loneliness and suffering with peace and joy.
That I may drink abundantly from the chalice of my God.

5 thoughts on “Father Robert Elias, OCD: October 15, St. Teresa’s Feastday”

  1. Hi Fr Robert and Teresa..
    This is nice, short, simple, concise, to the point, and something that fed me very well at 530am on St Teresa’s day. It is what I needed this morning 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Teresa,
    What a beautiful and inspiring poem from the time you spent in the cave of St John of the Cross. It is truly a remarkable experience to step foot in it, and to spend an extended time in it is a wonderful grace. Staying behind, I remained there for sometime as well. Thank you for the development of this website. It is a blessing for us all.
    Thank you Fr. Robert for the lessons you impart to us in your homilies. My heart and spirit are still filled with the moments and graces of our pilgrimage to Spain and Portugal. God bless you both.

    1. Great to hear from you Melody. I’ll never forget the long talks we would have into the evening about our faiths, especially those on the rooftops that overlooked that gorgeous landscape. And thank you Alan, for your constant encouragement.

  3. Psalm 145: “The Lord is kind and full of compassion”, no matter our spiritual maturity, to provide us with this site to guide us in perfection, to glorify the Lord with our lives, to call Jesus our Friend.
    God Bless you, Teresa Linda, Father Robert & all supporters

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