Teresa Linda, ocds: the wall

Avila, 2015. Photo credit thespeakroom.org
Avila, 2015. Photo credit thespeakroom.org

THE WALL                                       Avila, Spain (8/15/15)

In my heart,
Dwells my King,
Along with His court of angels, saints, and principalities.

It is a sacred inner dwelling place,
Attacked a thousand times a day,
By arrows of pride, anxiety, and unforgiveness
Arrows that are meant to be an attack
On the God of Peace.

With prayer,
The mercy of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
And a thousand acts of the will,
The fortress of my soul is built and strengthened,

That I may be alone with my All,
Free to gaze into His loving eyes,
To touch the wounds on His hands, His side, and His feet,

With total abandonment.

SOURCE: St. Teresa’s 5th Centenary Spain Pilgrimage.  Avila, 2015

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4 thoughts on “Teresa Linda, ocds: the wall”

      1. What a lovely poem, and gift from God. It’s really beautiful and touches my heart profoundly. Could I print it out without doing something illegal?
        Esther OCDS
        Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Teresa of Jesus Community

        1. Thank you, Esther. –“You are free to print out any talks for the purposes of teaching and formation, as long as you direct people to the site. However, please do not copy any of the materials or photographs”

          There are more poems under the “Seculars Speak” tab that might strengthen you as well.

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