Father Robert Barcelos, OCD: The three shepherd children of Fatima

Photo credit:thespeakroom.org
The Angel of Portugal prepares the Fatima seers for Our Lady’s visits – 1916 Apparition.






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SOURCE: Homily by Father Robert Barcelos, OCD. Fatima, Portugal 2017. All Rights Reserved.

(Fatima Pilgrimage organized by sweet and spirit-filled Caroline of Syversen Touring.)

Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco’s Parish church and baptismal font
Photo credit:thespeakroom.org. Fatima, Portugal 2017
This cross miraculously appeared 100 years before Blessed Alexandrina’s birth. She is considered the fourth Fatima seer. When it appeared, it foretold of a martyr who would one day offer all her sufferings for the conversion of unbelievers.

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