Father Robert Barcelos, OCD: the work of the holy spirit

Photo credit: thespeakroom.org

“This is what we’re after, the heart of Christ, and allowing our hearts to be completely united to his, that we may let him take our breath away. I can’t do that for you. No, no. But the Holy Spirit sure can, and he can use me because he always uses poor instruments to bring forth an orchestra of grace to fall fresh upon the assembly. Amidst unexpected places, the Lord can work a masterpiece, and it’s among the littlest of people that God can do the greatest things.”

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2 thoughts on “Father Robert Barcelos, OCD: the work of the holy spirit”

  1. GOD BLESS YOU & Thank you
    for this inspirational homily!!!
    How I needed to hear this!!!
    May the Holy Spirit burn in our yearning hearts with the fire of His Holy Gifts & Fruits.

  2. Let Him take your breath away!!!!!
    Jesus, I trust in You.
    Come, Holy Spirit!
    God the Father, we worship You.
    Blessed Mother, cover us with your mantle like a mother hen with her chicks.
    Susanna Maria Ax, ocds

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