Announcement: History of Christianity lecture series by Father Jose Luis Ferroni, OCD

History of Christianity Lecture Series.

What: Father Jose Luis Ferroni, OCD will be  giving a series of personal enrichment talks that will be open for all adults 18 and over.

The 7.5 hour course  will introduce a wide exposition of the History of Christian Spirituality from the first centuries after the death of Jesus Christ through the Medieval Ages, the 16th century, Enlightenment and Contemporary Spirituality. The course is geared so that the participant is able to recognize the human evolution and the development of Christian Spirituality in order to better understand and interpret Christianity within its context of Spirituality.

Where: Mount Pleasant High School, Main Building, Room 201, 1750 South White Rd., San Jose, CA 95127

When: Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, January 17, 2017 until January 31, 2017. Registration deadline: January 13, 2017.

How: To sign up for this course send your request by the deadline. No Tuition fee – the mini-course is free of charge

At the end of the course, a Certificate of Course Completion will be awarded by the Carmelite Institute of Spirituality of the California-Arizona Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Stanwood, Washington

What to expect:

Content: 1. First Centuries of Christianity 2. First and Second Part of the Medieval Age. 3. Spirituality of the 16th and 17th centuries. 4. Enlightenment and Contemporary Spirituality.

Method: The course is divided into two parts, instruction form and some independent reading material as reference to accompany or complement the topic or particular theme.

Instructor: Jose Luis Ferroni, O.C.D., a Carmelite priest, was a professor in Rome and in Avila, Spain and is now residing at Mt. St. Joseph Carmelite Monastery in San Jose, CA. He holds a M.A. in Theology, Baccalaureate and Licentiate in Church History from the Gregorian University in Rome and is presently completing his doctorate in the same field.



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