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Clouds over SF Bay
Clouds over SF Bay

RETREATS/TALKS with Father Robert Barcelos, OCD

March 9 – 6:45-9:00 pm at Our Lady of Refuge in San Jose – talks in Spanish* on Spiritual Discernment

March 11 – from 9:00 am-4:00 pm at San Jose Cathedral 2nd floor: Day of Recollection on Crossing the Threshold of Hope amidst Cultural Conflict.  Register here. (March 8 deadline)

March 25 Youth Ministers and Core Team Day Retreat.  Talk on Trust at 3pm followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (location: TBA, San Jose Diocese)

April 1-5 – Parish Mission at Sacred Heart Church in Red Bluff, CA.

April 22 –  St. Mary’s Church in Gilroy, CA – all day Women’s Charismatic Retreat in Spanish*

May 13 – church in Modesto, Shalom Revival in honor of Our Lady of Fatima 100th Anniversary (location-TBA)

July 1 &2, 5:00pm-7:oo pm, Parish Mission at St. Margaret Mary Church in Tucson, AZ


June 7-14, 2017 – Fatima-Portugal Pilgrimage. Chaplain: Father Robert Barcelos, OCD. Registration information.

September 12-27, 2017 – Portugal, Spain, France, Italy Pilgrimage. Chaplain: Father Jan Lundberg, OCD & Brother Augustine Sunday, OCD from Uganda. Registration information.

December 8-13, 2017 – OLG-MEX Feast Day Pilgrimage. Chaplains (tentative): Father Stephen Watson, OCD;  Father Thomas Reeves, OCD. Registration information.

October 16-30, 2018 – Mount Sinai and the Holy Land. Chaplain: Father Robert Barcelos, OCD. Registration information.


Ash Wednesday March 1- April 7 – (40 Days for Life) Take on Tuesdays for Life at Saint Leo the Great, San Jose California.  To participate, please call Maryann at (408-984-4721) or contact Father Marcelo at St. Leo.



Charles Seagren, ocds: prepare your hearts

Readings: So 2: 8-14, Ps 33, Lk 1:39-45

There’s an old saying:
Have nothing in your house
which is not both beautiful and useful.

It’s good advice
for our hearts as well.

Today Jesus stands behind our wall,
looking through the windows,
peering through the lattices.
What does He see?
Are we ready to welcome Him
into our home?

He stands outside looking in
and now He calls us:
Arise, My beloved, my beautiful one,
and come.

As soon as we hear His voice
something stirs within us.
It’s the beauty that we are,
the beauty we forgot we are.
And the infant leaps in our womb,
the child of God that each of us is
leaps for joy
when we hear His voice.

Winter is past
and the time of pruning is here,
the time to prepare for the salvation of Christ.

He breaks down the walls that divide us.
He cleans the Temple of our heart
till nothing remains
but what is beautiful and useful,
the praise of His glory
and the good of our neighbor,
nothing remains but love.

SOURCE: Homily 2015. Menlo Park, CA

Copyright 2016 Charles Seagren. All rights reserved.